Before the Nubian Rescue campaign, the small rock-cut temple of Beit was located in a side valley a short distance to the northwest of the Temple of Kalabsha. It is now at new Kalabsha, where it was reconstructed in a rocky hillside in the same position relative to Kalabsha Temple as it was previously. The

The Temple of Amada is the oldest surviving monument on Lake Nasser and also one of the most delightful. It is situated in one of the most dramatically beautiful parts of Nubia. Although the exterior of the temple is very plain, the interior contains game of the finest relief carving to be seen in any

The Synagogue of Ben Ezra was originally a church. However, it needed to be sold to pay the annual taxes imposed on the church by the government in 882 A.D. Ben Ezra Synagogue was originally a Christian church that the Copts had to sell, to the Jews, in order to pay the annual taxes imposed

King Djoser: He was the 2nd king of the 3rd dynasty and the owner of the unique Step Pyramid Complex at Saqqara. Imhotep (who comes in peace) He was the chief Architect of King Djeser and Perhaps the first vizier in Dynastic Egypt. He was also an Astronomer and a physician. The Greeks identified him

The Springs of Moses (Ayoun Mosa), were found 60 km south of Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel in south of Sinai. They are 12 springs of fresh water according to the 12 tribes of Israel; they were opened by God to Moses and people of Israel during their escape from Egypt. Today just 5 springs are still

The Southern Pyramid The Northern (Bent) Pyramid Of Senefru Short Note about Dahshur: – It is located 20km south of Cairo. – It represented the 2nd major pyramid field after Saqqara. – The largest of these pyramids are those belonging to Senefru (Bent & Red) – There are three smaller pyramids of the Middle Kingdom belong to (Amenmhat II,

Great Pyramid of Giza from south showing the solar boat museum. The solar boats of ancient Egyptians were large ships that were made out of cedar wood. They were used in religious rituals during Pharaonic times. The solar boats were used as a symbol of the journey of the god Ra, the god of the

The tomb is located six kilometres up the Royal Wadi which separates the hills surrounding Akhetaton from the East and thus separating the Northern private tomb from the Southern ones. The entrance to the tomb is cut in the floor of the Wadi facing East. Plan of the Tomb: The entrance leads to a stairway

The Roman Theatre This theatre was discovered at Kom El-Dikka area by the Polish expedition in 1960 when they were removing the remains of the Old Napoleonic fort. This theatre is the only one discovered in Alexandria and it dates back to the First and Second Centuries A.D. Description: The theatre consists of auditorium and

Nilometers were used ever since the ancient Egyptian period, as they were portable Nilometers made of wood. Egyptian used the cubit system as a unit of measurement. The best height of water was 16 cubits (the cubit is about 54 cm.). The Nilometer in Rawdah Island is one of the oldest existing Islamic monuments of