The Luxor East Bank, Karnak and Luxor Temples tour take you on a half-day private tour to the East Bank of Luxor. It is your chance to experience one of the oldest religious sites in the world and a fascinating ancient civilization.


• Transfer / guide in private air-conditioned vehicle with Professional driver
• Get inside tips from a local.
• Perfect introduction for first-time visitors.
• Guarantee your safety during your trip (24/7).

We will pick up you from your hotel early in the morning and drive you to the amazing Temple of Karnak, dedicated to the worship of the God Amon. Your guide will lead you through what is the oldest religious site in the world.
We then drive you to the Temple of Luxor, which was also devoted to the dynastic God Amon under his two aspects of celestial Amon-Re and ithyphallic divinity. The two oldest parts are from the Amenhotep III and Ramses II.
Finally,we will drive you back to your Hotel in Luxor.